Photo: A Clean Breast

Busty Merilyn

If you’ve seen all of the pictorials and videos on Busty Busty Merilyn, and her Busty Merilyn Exposed special, then you know that Busty Merilyn is a very domesticated girl. She is into keeping house, cooking and cleaning and she’s very much into keeping everything very orderly and spotless. What a good wife she would be. There [...]

Photo: Big tit hottie getting ready to go to bed

Busty Merilyn Sakova

Merilyn Sakova is a hot woman with a near perfect body and huge boobs. She does a slow striptease and then we really see what she is about. She lays back on her bed in her very sexy pijamas and lifts her legs high in the air and spreads her legs far and wide. With [...]

Video: Meet The New Boss

Merilyn Sakova

So you’re called into the new manager’s office. Her name is Merilyn Sakova. They say she can spit lava if an employee does something she doesn’t like. Her nickname is The Volcano. Maybe you’d just better stay calm and assured once you sit in her office. Don’t start sweating. Then again, one minute after you [...]

Video: The Making of BustyMerilyn

Busty Merilyn

As the title informs, this is a video that shows the activities involved in making Busty Merilyn pictorials and videos. Merilyn‘s a happy, funny and fun-loving girl. She’s always kidding around when a camera’s pointed in her direction. The first few minutes show Merilyn on the set of “Wrapped In Plastic.” In that one, the [...]

Photo: Happy Valentine’s Day, Merilyn

Busty Merilyn

Happy Valentine’s Day to our dear Merilyn. She must certainly feel loved and appreciated, knowing that so many men around the world have an intense interest in everything she does. What she wears. What she eats. What she does in the shower. How she sleeps. What she does to amuse herself. What she does to [...]

Video: Dripping Wet Nipples

Busty Merilyn

  Merilyn‘s chesty treasures are concealed by her thin shirt. But such delights must not be concealed for too long, or frustration will kick in. She pops her twin props from under the shirt and juggles them, squeezing and rubbing her breast-flesh. After long, enjoyable minutes of this, she puts them back under her shirt. [...]

Photo: Dripping Wet Nipples

Busty Merilyn

There aren’t many wet tee-shirt contests in Kiev, Ukraine. There’s the Chernobyl Museum (we don’t recommend it on a first date) and Maryinsky Park and O’Brien’s Irish Pub, for starters. But O’Brien’s has yet to institute wet tee night for whatever reason. So we had to make our own wet tee shirt contest in Merilyn‘s [...]

Video: Wrapped In Rapture

Busty Merilyn

Now exactly how do girls put on those skin-tight rubber fetish outfits? We’re about to see how they do it with your girl Merilyn as our guide. She starts off dolled up and totally naked except for her shoes. The first step is to sprinkle baby powder on her skin. She rubs it in well [...]


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