Photo: Ride Me, Cowboy!

Christy Marks

Ah, fantasies. The stuff that horny dreams are made of. Some of us have fantasies about being with two women at once and some of us have wet dreams about being attacked by a tribe of busty women in a jungle. And some of us even have fantasies about fucking a bunch of stacked ladies [...]

Photo: Natural Nympho

Christy Marks

Christy Marks is quite the exhibitionist. Being in the great outdoors excites her, too. So, while we were on a shoot by the beach near some woods one day, we spied some college guys BBQ’ing nearby. Or rather, they spied Christy Marks and whistled and waved. Of course, she got that mischievous look on her face and [...]

Video: Wet Dream

Christy Marks

There is something special about this posting and that is the nasty, wet, pussy grinding and asshole fingering on a shower floor. Yeah, we had to go ahead and put that right out there. Christy Marks by herself is a sight to behold, but when she is laying on the floor of a shower stall, [...]

Photo: Bustin’ Loose

Christy Marks

When we first met Christy Marks, she was a shy teen who didn’t think her tits had what it took for her to be a megastar. (Boy, was she modest!) So, we did a few intro photo shoots with her, and this set right here was what we like to call the turning point. About [...]

Video: Christy’s Sapphic Scene

Christy Marks

Sure, men love Christy Marks. But women love Christy Marks, too! Hot, big-titted women like Lorna Morgan, Angela White, Terry Nova and Gianna Rossi. They have delicious, full funbags of their own, so they can appreciate a juicy pair on a woman as hot as Christy Marks. And since they have the equipment, they know [...]

Photo: Flexible Funbags

Christy Marks and Kylee Nash

This set happens to be an editor favorite for a good reason. Actually two good reasons. You see, around here we love Christy Marks and her flexibility. We love it when she twists into a pretty pretzle, showcasing her H-cup tits and her amazing pink pussy. So, you can imagine how excited we were when [...]

Video: Sheer Seduction

Christy Marks

Christy Marks loves spending time in Miami, especially when her hometown in Pennsylvania is having very cold weather. You see, Christy Marks loves to run around in the skimpiest outfits she can find and being up North, in the cold, only means that she has to be bundled up. You can imagine that this busty exhibitionist is [...]

Photo: Pleasure in Paradise

Busty Christy Marks

Everyone needs a vacation every now and then, right? And that includes Christy Marks, who works hard at getting you hard! So we gave her the day off so she could lounge by the pool and enjoy some tropical drinks. But she started stripping down and getting naked, we couldn’t help but take pictures. (When [...]

Photo: I Like It When You Watch Me

Christy Marks

Some girls have fantasies about being swept away by some hero-type of guy. Others have fantasies about being a maid or a secretary and being seduced by their boss. But not Christy Marks. You see, Christy Marks knows that her fans watch all her videos and peruse all her photos and she loves it. But her [...]

Photo: Phone Sex Fuckin’

Christy Marks

Christy Marks loves making new friends and if that means that she has to call up a stranger and get to know him, so be it. And by get to know him, we mean, masturbate in his ear until she cums, of course. You see, Christy Marks loves phone sex. She likes to randomly dial numbers [...]


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