Video: Springtime for Karina

Karina Hart

And now for some behind-the-scenes information. Normally, during the early stages of a model’s career, most of her photo and video shoots are done indoors, in the studio. The thinking is that the girl might be nervous, and that it’s best to have her getting naked for the first time (or times) in a controlled [...]


Busty Karina Hart

These photos depict Budapest, Hungary shortly after dawn. They are also proof that some women can roll out of bed and look spectacular. Karina Hart is definitely one of them. The early-morning dew settles on her tits, which look juicy and gigantic, and her ass seems particularly fuckable this morning. She seems to be showing [...]


Karina Hart

A sun dress. A very simple, floral-pattern sun dress. There is absolutely nothing sexy or overtly sexual about the dress Karina Hart is wearing in these pictures. In fact, if the average girl wore it, you probably wouldn’t give her a second look. But Karina Hart is not the average girl, and on her, once again, [...]

Photo: A Lady In Waiting For Your Lance of Chivalry

Karina Hart

Karina Hart is a lady in waiting…for your cock…and you’d be diving into her cleavage if she was in front of you right now because only gay dudes and men past 90 years could resist her. Karina Hart has told us many times she prefers classy, elegant clothes, underwear and accessories and this very European ensemble [...]

Video: Just Imagine The Dildo Is Your Cock

Karina Hart Video

Sometime later this year, the editor of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines, and, will ask you to cast your vote for 2009 Model of the Year. And if this video doesn’t show why Karina Hart, who was 2008 Newcomer of the Year in both magazines, should get the honors, then nothing can. No, it’s not [...]

Karina Hart Photo: Karina Cums To Life!

Karina Hart Photo

The couch is vintage. The tits are timeless. And in this photo set, Karina Hart proves why she’s one of the greatest busty models ever. It’s not just because she has great tits (although she obviously does), a spectacular ass and a great face. Sure, she has all of those things, but what makes Karina [...]

Photo: When the Camera Comes On, The Real Karina Comes Out!

Karina Hart

Karina Hart once told us, “When I’m out in public, I wear just a simple top, usually black so as not to draw too much attention to my breasts. If I wear light colors, then it makes my breasts that much more enhanced. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on [...]

Photo: The Perfect Canvas

Karina Hart

Karina Hart, painter. It’s not the first thing you usually think about when you think about Karina, but let’s face it: Somebody has to paint those rooms in your house or apartment one of these days, and it might as well be a super-busty, super-sexy babe whose clothes don’t stay on for the entire process. [...]

Video: Why Busty Babes Look Better In Bustiers

Karina Hart

The very idea of Karina Hart wearing a bustier (or anything like one) is kinda laughable, when you think about it. “I don’t think I need anything to make my boobs look bigger,” Karina Hart once told us. And she’s exactly right. But here’s the thing about bustiers: When a small-breasted chick wears one, it looks like [...]

Photo: Happy New Year, Karina!

Karina Hart

Back in the day, getting dressed up for New Year’s Eve was a big deal. Women would put on their finest gowns, and men would dress up in top hat and tails. Not anymore. Now people just throw on some clothing and find a place to get drunk. But Karina, being Karina, wants to bring [...]


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