Video: Emily’s First On-Camera Fuck

Emily Harper

This is a very special video. It’s the first time you’ll see Emily Harper anywhere. She has been 18 for less than a month, and this is her very first hardcore scene ever. That’s right; we got her first! See her beautiful, puffy, pink nipples and cock-sucking skills before anyone else does. In this video, Emily [...]

Photo: Kirin Desado – Naughty Bubble Bath

Kirin Desado

Kirin Desado, you mentioned that taking a bubble bath is one of your favorite things to do. “That’s right. In fact, I almost never take showers. I love to sit and soak in a bathtub. It helps me to unwind after a long day. And it’s my favorite time to touch myself.” So you’re one [...]

Photo: Tiffany Collins – Jack to my Rack

Tiffany Collins

Tiffany Collins, last we saw you in the May ’10 issue, you’d recently embraced your big breasts. “Yes, I remember. I had recently started wearing revealing clothing. I was a virgin, too. Ugh! I’m so glad I’m not one anymore! I was making out with this guy in his bed, and he started sucking my [...]

Video: Alyssa – Shut Up and Fuck Her!

Alyssa Branch

“Shut up and kiss me already.” Alyssa Branch knows what she wants-hard cock! We appreciate how straight forward she is. One second she’s giving this guy a guitar lesson, and the next she has her meaty pussy lips wrapped around his face. When it’s her turn for some sucky-sucky, Alyssa Branch lavishes her fuck-buddy’s cock with [...]

Photo: Cali Rider – Back To Pussy


Cali Rider, we’ve seen you fuck guys and girls. Do you prefer one over the other? “Right now I’m all about girls. I kind of gave up on guys. At least for a little bit. There’s too much drama and bullshit with them. I have a better connection with girls, and I love eating pussy! [...]

Photo: Marry Queen – Jammin’ The Clam

Marry Queen

Marry Queen, what does a super hot chick like you do for fun? “I fuck myself a lot. I could do it for hours every day. I’m really horny, so if I don’t do it daily I go crazy. I could just fuck guys, but I don’t want to be a slut. And I meet [...]

Video: Allison Finger-Bangs Her Pussy

Allison Banks

“I don’t know why my pussy is always wet, it just is. It might have something to do with me being horny all the time. I’ll just be minding my own business, doing whatever, and out of nowhere I’ll feel my pussy get all hot and drippy. Whenever that happens I have to find the [...]

Photo: Nancy Sweetstorm – Tanned Twat

Nancy Sweetstorm

Have you ever tanned naked at the beach, Nancy Sweetstorm? “Yes, but it didn’t last long. One time I was tanning topless at the beach and some officer told me that I had to put my top back on. I think he was just being a hater! If I want to tan naked I do [...]

Video: Moretta – You’ll Want More Moretta


Moretta is everything you want in a teen girl. She has braces, she’s rail-thin, flat and super horny. “I wish you were here with me,” she says while sucking on her finger, pretending it’s your cock. But she’s all the way over here, and you’re all the way over there. So Moretta settles for putting on [...]

Photo: Sophia – Columbian Cunny


You’re very sexy, Sophia. And so is your Spanish accent. “Thank you. I have been learning English in school for a long time, but it is still not perfect. I feel a little embarrassed to speak it with an American, because they probably think that I talk funny! I want to move to the U.S. [...]


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